The University of Melbourne is one of the city’s most popular sites for filming and photography.

Our campuses are home to a unique range of indoor and outdoor locations. Many of these have been featured in local and international feature films, TV series, commercials, and documentaries.

We recognise the important role that film and photography plays in the community and are dedicated to making our facilities available for filming and photography opportunities that align with our brand.

Types of projects we support

  • Commercial

    Whether your project is an international feature film or a magazine photo shoot, as long as your project is aligned with the University brand, we are happy to chat. A signed Location Agreement is required to access the campus and location fees may apply.

    Visit our How To page for more information.

  • Media 

    All media requests to film or photograph at the University should contact the Media Office.

    These requests include:

    • Academic interviews for news items – print/TV/radio/online
    • Research focused TV series/episodes/specials
    • Documentaries
    • Media that involves factual, evidence-based University expertise and commentary
    • Activities that involve promotion of academic, alumni, students and/or staff
    • Arranging access to the University’s television and audio studios
  • Personal use

    Non-commercial filming and photography for personal use is permitted on campus provided your visit causes no disruption to staff and students.

  • Students

    We support up and coming film makers and photographers. If your project is a component of your coursework, please contact us directly. VCA students must provide approval in writing from their VCA Screen Production Coordinator. University of Melbourne students and students from other institutions must also provide approval from their academic supervisor prior to organising any film shoot. More information for students can be found here.

  • Weddings

    The picturesque grounds of the University of Melbourne are an ideal and popular location for wedding photography. All interested parties must apply for a permit. Fees will be charged.

University of Melbourne, Old Quad, South Lawn
Ormond College

Our locations

The University has seven campus locations across Melbourne and rural Victoria. Each campus has a variety of unique architectural and landscape features and facilities. Our main campus at Parkville, established in 1860, features some of the most popular modern and historical locations for filming and photography.

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Recent projects filmed at the University

Jack Irish: Season 2, Episode 3

Masterchef Australia: Season 8, Episode 43

An episode for ‘Heston Week’, featuring legendary British chef Heston Blumenthal, was filmed in the iconic Underground Car Park.

Ronny Chieng: International Student

ABC Comedy Showroom's Ronny Chieng: International Student featured a range of well-known locations across the Parkville campus.

Todd Sampson's Life on the Line - Resistance: Season 1, Episode 2 

Todd Sampson is shot at close range by an AK-47, filmed at Melbourne University's, Beaurepaire Pool.